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『Have You Considered the Benefits of Crying?』By Noemie Nakai•July 28, 2020
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About Crying Therapist (Tears Therapist)

This is a new medical profession certified by the American Tears Association.
It is more effective to cry in relieving stress than“to laugh”or“to sleep”.

The mission is to spread “to move and to cry” in the field of medicine,welfare,education and companies,and to support the mental health of people with stress.
I named this activity "ruikatsu".
"Ruikatsu" is defined as follows.

"Ruikatsu" is an activity to detoxify our mind by consciously shed tears in just a few minutes. By crying our autonomic nervous system switches from a state in which the sympathetic nerve which promotes tension and excitement, is dominant to a state in which the parasympathetic nerve in which the brain is relaxed, is dominant. This is the mechanism for relieving stress.


【Hidefumi Yoshida】
I was born in Japan in 1975.I studied psychology and education at Waseda University, and researched human resource management at the same graduate school.After working at a welfare facility for the elderly and at school, I took on his current position.I am a former high school teacher and school counselor. I started "Ruikatsu" in 2013.In 2014,I founded the certification "Crying Therapist(Tears Therapist)" with Hideo Arita, a doctor, brain physiologist and emeritus professor of Toho University School of Medicine. As Crying therapist, I held tears workshops and lectures at schools (for students, teachers and PTA), hospitals (for medical personnel such as patients, doctors and nurses), companies and local governments. I am called Tears teacher.

Modern society has become economically rich. As a result of the highly developed science and technology, we are able to live a convenient and comfortable life. On the other hand, this society is also called a stress society. In that society, modern people have a lot of stress and suffer from mental illness. There are various factors such as management society, competitive society, and loneliness due to aging society. So I think "ruikatsu" is effective. I will let you experience my tears therapy and relieve your everyday stress. I also talk about how to deal with stress well.

Tears class(Tears workshop)

<1>Inspiring video screening, story reading
Let's cry a lot and soften your heart. Our crying points are different.
The point you cry should have something to do with your past experience.

<2>Workshop that exhales with stress as words
Our generation has been educated, “Don't vomit,” but sometimes it's important.
Let's vomit more and more. Write a“crying word” on the tear-shaped letter and submit it to me.
I will give you advice based on the utility of tears.

<3>Creating a crying story
Participants become speakers and listeners and share crying stories with other participants to enhance empathy.
The feedback you get there can be a big reminder. It is an era where tears are also shared.

<4>Lecture about tears
I will lecture on the effects of tears.

<5>Meeting to talk with everyone
This is the time for people who share their crying experiences to interact. We will exchange opinions about where you cried, why you cried, or why you did not cry.
The video to be screened is not limited to family love or human life and death.Every video has many things that ask what is the strength, kindness, and warmth of humans.
All of them are thought-provoking.
This experience can be an opportunity to think about what you are now. You will get a surprising notice here.

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If you are interested, please feel free to contact me at tearsteacher@gmail.com
Now, you can do tears training!
If you would like to contact me by phone, please call (81)-70-6648-3039

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